Why Should You Trust us as a Fintech PR Agency?

In the fast-paced world of Israeli Fintech, navigating regulations, securing funding, and reaching the right audience requires a specialized approach. At Creativity Value, we understand Fintech like no other PR agency because Fintech is our DNA.

Our founders, Sapir and Shoham, bring a unique combination of expertise to the table.  Sapir, a former lawyer specializing in high-tech and Fintech contracts, possesses an insider’s understanding of the legal landscape crucial for navigating complex financial ventures. Shoham, with his background as an Economics lecturer and a journalist covering global capital markets, brings a deep knowledge of financial trends and the media landscape.

This powerful combination is further amplified by their creation of “Tzipor Financi” (Financial Bird), the podcast of one of Israel’s fastest-growing financial communities.  This platform demonstrates their finger on the pulse of the Israeli Fintech scene and their ability to connect with your target audience in a meaningful way.

Creativity Value goes beyond generic PR tactics.  We leverage our deep understanding of Fintech to craft a customized strategy that speaks directly to your goals,  whether it’s attracting top talent, building brand awareness, or securing crucial investments.

With Creativity Value, you have a trusted partner who understands the intricacies of the Israeli Fintech environment and the unique challenges and opportunities it presents.

How Do We Customize a Strategy for You?

In today’s dynamic financial technology landscape, standing out from the crowd requires a targeted PR strategy. At Creativity Value we understand that every fintech company has unique goals. We take a collaborative approach, working closely with you to define your specific objectives. Whether you’re looking to attract top talent through your employer branding, drive sales, build brand awareness, expand into new markets, or secure investment, our team of experts will craft a customized PR plan that aligns perfectly with your vision.


Building a winning PR strategy demands more than just understanding your goals. At Creativity Value, we go the extra mile to tailor our approach to the specific landscape of Israeli fintech. Our research team dives deep, analyzing current trends, competitor strategies within the Israeli market (think PayBox, for example), and the unique needs of your target audience –  whether it’s millennial investors or established financial institutions. This in-depth understanding allows us to craft messaging and outreach efforts that resonate deeply within your niche, while also amplifying your company’s distinct strengths and value proposition within the competitive Israeli fintech scene.

How Do We Apply Our Strategies for Fintech Companies?

At Creativity Value, we translate our customized plans into impactful actions designed to achieve your specific goals. Here’s how we leverage a diverse toolbox specifically for Israeli fintech companies:

By employing this multifaceted approach, Creativity Value empowers Israeli fintech companies to achieve their goals, from attracting top tech talent to securing crucial investments.

We Measure Our Results

In today’s data-driven world, measuring the impact of your PR efforts is no longer optional. At Creativity Value, we take a results-oriented approach, constantly monitoring and analyzing the success of your Fintech PR strategy.

Here’s why measuring results is crucial:

So, how do we measure success? We employ a comprehensive suite of metrics tailored to your specific goals. This might include:

By analyzing this data, we can provide you with actionable insights that inform future strategies and ensure your PR efforts continue to deliver tangible results for your Israeli Fintech company.