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Who Are We and How Did We Get Here?

Creativity Value is a PR agency founded by Shoham Levy. Shoham was a spokesperson for Pango and Bank of Jerusalem. Shoham’s career started in 2007 when he used to be a journalist covering global capital markets and later being a writer and editor on capital markets at Calcalist. The experience as a journalist gave him a deep understanding of how the capital market works. After being a journalist Levy worked in various PR firms and specialized in the worlds of high tech, banking, real estate and startup. In this time he worked with dozens of companies from seeding rounds all the way to their exits. In 2020 he decided to open own agency.

Alongside Shoham Levy is his partner Sapir Levy. Sapir is a content expert in the field of technology. In the past he used to work as a lawyer in one of the biggest firms specializing in  VC and high tech. In the last two and a half years he has been working with Shoham in Creativity Value.

What Can You Get From Us?

Creativity Value is not another PR firm. Our expertise is mainly in the startup and high tech worlds where we know how to manage all the different social media channels.  Our skills include:

  • Deep understanding of podcasts and the new communication world.

  • Creativity and proactive approach when it comes to PR.

  • Years of experience with reporters in all different platforms and subjects.

  • Expertise in integrating both digital PR strategies alongside traditional PR strategies.

  • Deep understanding of the Israeli Media landscape

What is It Like Working With Us?

  • We are prepared: Before any action we do we make sure we study and understand your niche perfectly. It starts with choosing the right channels for you all the way to choosing the right wording. It also means that before we send you to be interviewed we make sure you are as prepared for whatever may come.

  • Comprehensive PR strategy: When we build a PR strategy it is a full strategy that is intended to bring both brand awareness and generate high quality leads.

  • Media channels: The new digital world is giving us huge opportunities to expand out exposure to new audiences. It includes the biggest and more traditional media channels alongside new digital and niche specific media channels.

Who Have We Helped in the Past?

Here are just a few examples of how we helped clients get organic exposure to new audiences. You can view the full list of clients if you want to learn more.

EDI (Energy company)



Paz Group (Real Estate)

In Globes

In Kheset 12

Yamit Efriat (Mortgage and Finance)

In keshet 12

Again in keshet 12

Yamit’s blogs in TheMarker

Prico (Finance)

Podcast in The Marker

In keshet 12

Why Should You Trust Us?

Don’t trust us, trust them:

Our team specializes in all aspects of content creation for our customers. This includes using PR and marketing strategy, brand building from the very beginning, promoting brands on social networks, digital marketing, and content marketing.

Among our clients you can find: