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Our agency specializes in public relations services in Israel and various content solutions, such as podcasts creation and organic social media solutions.

Our uniqueness in public relations services is focusing the traditional media outlets alongside new media channels, such as online series, podcasts, and more.

Who are we and what is our specialty?

Our main specialty is in the tech, VC and startup world. These are the worlds we know and understand best and can help the most. We understand the specific needs and problems these companies have and know how to solve them. We also know the right mediums in order to reach the right audience.

In a flooded world of publishers, social media platforms, and information, the potential audience chooses only the most interesting content. The number of posts, comments, and content makes us much less attentive to any message they want to convey to us.

As a result, it is much harder than ever for brands to gain the attention of the audience and gain the maximum exposure that will reach the most targeted and broad audience.

This is where creativity comes into play. In a world where there are so many PR agencies and so many brands competing in the market, the creativity of our firm makes the difference compared to the rest.

Aside from creating quality content, we also get content to reach as many audiences as possible, through creative campaigns that get to take part in the campaign, identify with the brand, and feel closeness and empathy for it, in addition to funny and witty original writing that gets people reading and interested in the brand’s activities.

How can PR help Israeli startups?

A strategic PR approach can be a game-changer, offering a multitude of benefits.

  • Attract Top Talent: Strong PR paints a picture of a thriving and successful company, making it a magnet for skilled professionals seeking exciting opportunities. Positive media coverage and industry recognition can be a major differentiator when recruiting talent. Other than media coverage, strengthening your employer branding can help significantly attract new talent.


  • Generate Sales Leads: Strategic PR efforts can generate a buzz around your startup, leading to valuable sales leads. Positive media mentions, press releases, and social media engagement can all contribute to increased brand awareness and interest in your product or service.


  • Impress Investors and VCs: Investors and VCs are looking for promising ventures with a strong future. A well-established brand image built through effective PR demonstrates credibility and inspires confidence. Positive media coverage highlighting your innovation and potential can significantly improve your chances of securing funding.


  • Build Trust and Credibility: Frequent positive media mentions establish your startup as a legitimate player in the market. This fosters trust with potential customers and partners, making them more likely to consider doing business with you.


  • Shape Public Perception: PR allows you to proactively control the narrative surrounding your brand. By strategically placing stories and interviews, you can ensure your message reaches the target audience effectively and positions your brand in the most favorable light.


  • Become an Industry Thought Leader: By strategically placing articles and interviews with your company’s experts in relevant publications, you can position yourselves as thought leaders within your industry. This not only attracts media attention but also strengthens your reputation, attracting top talent and investors who want to be associated with a leading innovator.

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How can we help international clients interested in Israel?

International companies approach Israel with a variety of goals, and our expertise can be instrumental in achieving them. Whether you’re looking to:

  • Acquire or Invest in Israeli Innovation:  Israel boasts a thriving startup ecosystem teeming with potential. We can leverage our deep understanding of the market to identify promising Israeli companies like Mobileye, a leader in computer vision technology for autonomous vehicles, that align with your investment or acquisition goals. Our PR team will then craft targeted communication strategies to showcase your company’s interest and expertise, making you a more attractive partner for these innovative startups.


  • Enter the Israeli Market:  Israel’s tech-savvy population and strong economic growth make it a lucrative market.  We’ll use our market research capabilities to understand Israeli consumer preferences and regulations.  For instance, if you’re a food and beverage company, we might suggest partnering with Israeli distributors like Rami Levy or adapting your packaging to resonate with Hebrew-speaking consumers. Our PR team can then develop targeted campaigns to generate brand awareness and excitement for your product launch.


  • Collaborate with Israeli Tech Companies:  Israeli startups are renowned for their cutting-edge technology. We can facilitate partnerships between you and leading Israeli innovators like Waze, the GPS navigation app acquired by Google.  Our PR team will craft joint communication strategies that highlight the strengths of both companies, generating excitement for the collaborative project.


  • Enhance Brand Image through Israeli Associations:  Israel’s reputation for innovation can give your brand a positive boost. We can connect you with prestigious Israeli organizations like the Weizmann Institute of Science for joint research projects or sponsorships. Our PR team will then leverage these partnerships to create positive media coverage that elevates your brand image by association with Israeli excellence.


  • Stay Ahead of the Innovation Curve: Gain early insights into emerging Israeli technologies with our help.  We’ll monitor Israeli media, research publications, and connect you with key figures at leading institutions.  For example, if you’re in personalized medicine, we might arrange meetings with researchers at Sheba Medical Center, a pioneer in the field. Our PR team will then craft press releases and media outreach to position you as a thought leader aware of the latest Israeli advancements.

By combining our market expertise with strategic PR, we bridge the gap for international companies seeking to capitalize on the Israeli innovation landscape.

How can PR services help VCs?


  • Attract Top Talent & Build Credibility:  PR goes beyond attracting startups. Positive coverage in publications like Globes or Calcalist and interviews on shows like “Start-Up” on Channel 12 showcase your investment philosophy, successful exits, and expertise, attracting top talent and building VC firm credibility.

  • Become a Thought Leader:  PR allows you to share insights and expertise beyond traditional media. Author articles for Forbes Israel or participate in conferences like DLD Tel Aviv to shape the conversation and establish yourselves as a valuable resource for startups within the investment community.

  • Support Portfolio Companies:  Strategic PR extends to your portfolio. Generate positive media coverage for them, increasing their visibility and attracting potential customers and partners, creating a win-win situation for both the VC firm and the startups they invest in.

What does it look like working with us?

There are several principles that guide us while working together:


  • We do our homework – This is something you will find out in the first time we meet together, we always come prepared. Before we talk or before we encounter any problem we make sure to do research on your niche and understand exactly how to construct the solution to whatever issue comes up starting from building a strategy to understanding exactly the right ways to achieve each part of it.


  • Results oriented – We monitor the results of everything we do in order to make sure we are on track to achieve our goals and understand exactly what are the most effectives strategies for your business.


  • We work together – Everything we do we do together with you. We listen to you in order to understand your goals and we help you build the strategy in order to achieve them.
  • We are always there – We know how many uncertainties there are in your world and how many things can change and throughout all the time we work together we make sure we are available for you.

How do we achieve those goals?

There are many strategies we can take in order to achieve these goals. Here are some of the main ones:


  • Media attention: Everybody knows that getting media attention helps your PR efforts, but it’s more complicated than that. It’s really important to choose the right medium in order to get the right audience. The addition of podcasts in the last few years gives us many opportunities to get exposed to a new, more niche audience which is sometimes the most quality audience.


  • Preparation and messaging: Whether it’s a podcast and whether it’s a TV interview we make sure to work on the messaging and prepare you for your media interview. The messaging of course doesn’t only take place in interviews but also in everything you do – press releases, influencers and more.


  • Social media: Another medium some companies tend to neglect is social media, but there is a lot of opportunity there. Social media is a great way to become a thought leader in your industry from linkedin, X (twitter), facebook and facebook groups and more. It really depends on your goals.

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