Public Relations Services and Super Content for Media Projects

You have worked for many years on building a reputation that can be damaged by one small mistake in your media conduct. The guidance and advice of experienced journalists is crucial in every interaction with the media.

Our professional team has worked for some of Israel’s most prestigious newspapers and websites.

In any media interview, press release, or other interaction with the media, we will accompany you.

Our services include

Public Relations (PR) 

High-tech companies in Israel enjoy extraordinary business opportunities as a result of their great success. Nevertheless, when the Israeli high-tech market is crowded and competitive, it is difficult to stand out.

Creativity Value creates your own language for your brand and highlights its added value. Your brand will be visible on TV, radio, popular podcasts, and on the most popular sites through a variety of media channels. 

Through the years, we have created content that engages our clients’ target audience and assists them in reaching their goals.

Social media 

The social networks that have come into our lives in recent years have changed the whole world and the field of public relations, as we know it.

Media interviews and newspaper articles are no longer enough to promote a business. To reach the widest and most targeted audience, you need to build a brand with a long-term strategy and promote it on various platforms.

At Creativity Value, we provide our customers with public relations, digital advertising, and content marketing services that adapt to the new landscape of public relations. Based on the brand’s goals, aspirations, and target audience, we are adjusting our PR strategy.

To reach the target audience of a brand, we need to be more creative, original, and keen in the new age of social networking.

Our team works around the clock to develop the best and most accurate ways to build your brand awareness.

Also, we create and manage LinkedIn and Facebook pages that promote your company and help you reach your target audience.

Branded Podcasts 

When the streaming giant, Spotify, announces that in 2020 there will be a 150% increase in listening to podcasts in Israel, and when about 500,000 new listeners have joined the huge audience that listens to podcasts in Israel and around the world, we believe podcasts are going to be the hot media in the near future.

As one of the first public relations firms in Israel to produce podcast episodes of its own, we decided to take the matter one step further.

We built a complete strategic plan for our customers, which includes building accurate content that will attract target audiences and increase brand visibility.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Google is an integral part of our lives. This is the first place we go to look for information, in almost every possible situation in life. Therefore it is difficult to underestimate the importance of being in the first search results for the services you provide. We at Creativity Value will create quality content for startups and high tech companies, that makes Google rank your sites high in the search results, and increase the traffic to your site and your brand visibility. We have done this in the past years for many of our clients when we created articles, videos, and podcasts, which reached the first places in the search and significantly increased the visibility of their brand.

PR Crisis management Services

In the course of their lives, many high-tech companies face difficult and unexpected crises, which can damage their reputations. We at Creativity Value bring a wealth of experience and creativity to help you overcome crises and turn them into opportunities. Media relations and company speaking can ultimately make the difference, turning a crisis into something that will propel a company to unprecedented heights.