LinkdIn 2022 Trends Report

LinkedIn Labor Market Trend Report 2022: Insights for employer branding

We track the most important employer branding trends around the world as an employer branding PR agency. The most powerful tool for effective employer branding is LinkedIn, where the best employees hang out. LinkedIn gives employers the ability to communicate directly with prospective candidates in a platform that allows them to attract them.

Here are the most interesting insights we found in the LinkedIn trends report for 2022:

1. 66% of Generation Z, a rapidly growing group in the labor market, believe that a culture built on Mental Health and Wellness is essential to its success. As a result, employees expect that organizations will take care of a range of mental and health issues. Workplace balance is one of them, but employees see the organization as responsible for both balance and mental health.

2. A flexible work environment is the best way to entice Generation Z to a job. LinkedIn data indicates that 77% of Generation Zs interacted with employer ads that included the word flexibility in 2021.

3. According to the latest data, there has been an 83% increase in job postings indicating Flexibility. Furthermore, LinkedIn activists have increased the use of the word Flexible Work by 362% in 2021 compared to 2019. Among the terms used, “well-being” increased by 35%, and “company culture” increased by 15%.

3. The great change of our time – employees demand a change in the psychological contract between them and their employers. Employers are expected to respect their time and personal preferences. This is particularly true since they possess highly sought-after skills. It applies not only to high-tech software professions, but to lawyers, marketing, operations, sales and any other profession. It is referred to in English as the Great Reshuffle or Great Resignation. Workplaces reshape corporate culture to meet the needs of employees.

5. A harmonious corporate culture is no longer a buzzword and a phrase repeated in every job interview. Organizational culture is the card to convince employees that it is the most desired and the pickiest. Employers who mentioned “corporate culture” in their publications gained more interest from picky job seekers.

6. A challenge for very growing organizations in the startup era is preserving corporate culture. Even a small company with 30 employees should maintain the corporate culture once it reaches 300 employees. However, in my opinion, It is almost impossible.

7. Increasing the Importance of Authenticity in Excellence – Organizations that broadcast over-perfection lack the trust of potential candidates. Authenticity means channeling the organization in a genuine and reliable way.

8. Invest in the process of hiring or what’s known as “Onboarding.” There is no doubt that there is a great challenge in investing in the absorption process when many employees are employed remotely.

9. Consider conducting employee surveys and receiving feedback from employees about the organization, not just feedback that the organization gives to employees.

10. This is perhaps the most interesting insight of the data if you have stayed so far. What is the global turnover rate? In the US, 28% of LinkedIn members changed jobs in October 2021 compared to 2019.